My Reasons for Blogging

In this ever confusing game we play called life, there are two different moments. There are moments that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people (for example the atrocity that was calling time on Sex and the City!) and there are moments, which in comparison seem far less important. It is my belief, however, that our lives are guided and defined by the seemingly irrelevant occurrences we go through daily, which is why I have decided to create this blog.

As a Public Relations student in his first year I study the world of social media. To heighten my understanding of this medium, I was issued the task of creating a blog, which deals with social media, and how it both aids and benefits a specific issue.

Being a young, proud, gay man, I decided to write this blog about the relationship between social media and the gays! In my life I have learned just how helpful, insightful and generally wonderful the Internet can be. When we feel we cannot express our true identity in the real world, the Internet is a brilliant place to discover ourselves. But, it can also be a dangerous place; what happens when someone discovers our secret ‘Grindr’ account? What happens when our friends find our search history? And what happens when we meet someone in the real world, and no longer require our online persona?
When it comes to us gays, is social media friend, or foe?


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