Social Media Campaigns



 Social media campaigns are a form of marketing, which promotes, builds interest in or advertises a product/service/ cultural event or movement through the medium of Social networking sites. At the moment, it is becoming popular for politicians and MP’s to use social media to promote and aid their political campaigns, and it really works! Click this link to see how social media may have been the crucial factor which led to Obama winning the 2012 presidential elections –

When it comes to us Gays, the FCKH8 propaganda campaign for marriage equality is probably the most well know and well established social media campaign of out time. It has been extremely popular and effective because it is a movement, which has taken every form of popular social media and used it to its advantage.

In order to spread awareness, gain support and basically show the world that we are prepared to fight for equality, the LGBT community has made videos, info graphs, Facebook channels and twitter pages to makes sure everyone knows about the marriage equality movement. What’s even more amazing is the most powerful man in the world- Barack Obama backs the campaign!

This is just another example of the power of social media.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out the following links to see for yourself!

*** WARNING some of the language used in the videos is, emm colourful…***

Website –

YouTube –

Facebook search – “FCKH8”

Twitter – @FCKH8 


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