Love your Cookies?


I’m sure we all know about the Internet cookie trail. Just like Hansel and Gretel, everywhere we go in the World Wide Web, we leave a trail, which weaves its way trough shopping sites, Google searches and even any explicit content you might be watching. Everywhere you go you leave a digital footprint, and tracing your footprints are thousands of Internet based businesses.

On Facebook, there are a variety of Advertisements. These advertisements may refer to products that you have seen before, perhaps it’s a T-shirt by a designer you kind of like or a dating website you might have used. Either way, these adverts seem to be chosen especially for you based on your search history. They are.

This is no coincidence. Facebook, like many other social networking sites is now being used by online businesses. And how do they know what you want, well as you were making your way through images of Davey Wavey in Aussie Bum boxers (I know you have), Aussie Bum were tracking your interest in their products, which is why you now can’t log onto your Facebook in university for fear of half naked Australian men appearing all over your home page.

This may be frustrating, as we are already bombarded with advertisements, but can you really blame businesses?

Across the globe Facebook gets a collective time of 2.6 million minutes of human attention. No wonder so many businesses are taking full advantage of it!

So I think we can all agree, when it comes to us gays, companies who utilize social networking sites for business are doing it not only to enhance knowledge of their brand, but also to make life easier for us. We no longer have to scroll through the web to find an outfit for next Saturday, its already been suggested for you and is a mere click away.

Also, what’s not to like about a cookie that doesn’t make you gain weight? 😉

Beal, V, 2008, what are cookies and what do they do? [Online] available from; [accessed 22nd April 2013]


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