Are we Sluts? Why are We using the Internet?

In one of my lectures we discussed why people are using the Internet. When it comes to us Gays I couldn’t help but wonder, why do we as a community use the Internet?

Aside from the obvious reasons to use the Internet – research, news, social networking – it occurred to me that we gay guys tend to use the Internet, a lot, for sexual related activities. I myself can admit I have used the Internet (like 99% of guys my age) to access pornography. This isn’t really a gay specific acknowledgment, but I then realised that we gays have a hell of a lot of “Hook up” apps and websites, which are all very popular and circulate around the objective of sex. 

When researching this post, I discovered the following You Tube videos, which send two very different messages about us gays and our use of the Internet.

The first video is a light-hearted video which a lours to the idea that we use the Internet for Facebook, porn and gay chat rooms.

The second however is from the board of health, and talks about a link between the spread of HIV and Aids and gays who use the Internet for sex. The videos both made me see just how dangerous using the Internet like this can be, especially with the increasing number of gays men affected by HIV (1 in 20 in the UK)

So people I give you this advice, Next time your on Grindr, ask yourself, “Is he hot?….” if yes, ask this “Is he hot enough to risk catching HIV?”

Video one –

Video two –


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